Video Games Are Too Expensive

I’m honestly glad when I’m addicted to the latest MMO fad, really. Sure, MMOs cost you more than the latest Wii or Xbox game at first what with the monthly fees, but after the sunk cost of the game and whatever expansions, my spending stays in check because I stay up until dawn every night getting the +14 Sword of Ultimate Smiting and am just too darn BUSY to do a silly thing like play a different video game. Unfortunately, this isn’t very good for my social life. Girls just really aren’t in to listen to you revel about your latest adventures as Far’lakthar the Elvaan Orcsmasher conquering the great deeps of the Kar’la’for’i’tan Underwater Labrynth (nor are most guys, really… I’ve had some of my friends go on and on…) for the 23rd time. Maybe some are, and they are a rare and beautiful jewel to be treasured forever, but for the most part, girls (and/or guys, whomever you want to attract) just aren’t really into chillin’ with you while you dig through the deepest dungeon in Elfland.

You know what chicks (and dudes) REALLY dig, though? Mario. Mario, and Samus, and Master Chief and Sonic and Jax and Daxter and all those other bleeding edge สมัคร แทงบอลไทย video games. Thanks to the Wii especially, even the girliest of girls or the “too manly for that” men want to play the latest video games when you have them over. And for those other times, well, Super Mario 3 is a great game but you know the whole time you really wish you were playing the latest adventure in the Mario series, don’t you? Yeah, I thought so. But life has a lot of demands on time and money, and shelling out $50-60 a pop for the latest blockbusters we want to play just really isn’t an option isn’t it?

However I have found the secret. A couple of new games a month are going to run you $100 a month, at least. That’s a lot of money, you could go on a nice date or pay the payment on car just nicer than the one you have with that kind of scratch! And be honest with yourself, how often do you put those games back in to play? Rarely if ever, yup. As such I have found the perfect solution is online game rental services. Some of the promos offer plans for as little as $10 a month to have a game out as long as you want, and only a few bucks more to get a second or third. Whether you rent the latest Madden game or your favorite classic, it’s the same price.

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