The Sacred Feminine in Western Religion

‘God’, or ‘Heavenliness’, but you utilize these terms, is unending, endless, and ageless, and as such is intrinsically indefinable and mysterious.

Be that as it may, the Holy Ladylike part of the creation is the vehicle, the ‘Vessel’, through which the endless Heavenly can be communicated in our limited world. Furthermore, just the Consecrated Female can lead the spirit back to the Heavenly.

A principal trait of the Manly is the need to thoroughly consider things in a direct, bit by bit way, to encounter a reality that is restricted and limited and hence clear, controllable, and ‘understandable’. A main quality of the Female, then again, is the capacity to encounter reality in a comprehensive, unassuming, at the same time way, to take in and acknowledge immeasurability and boundlessness. Obviously, we each have an offer in both of these trademark capacities, however the Consecrated Feminine Class Ladylike on the planet (ladies) and inside the individual (the heart) should acquaint the Sacrosanct Manly with the mysterious truth of the Heavenly. In the holy stories, for example, the Heavenly Aphrodite should unbind idealized spirits and delivery them into delight. Furthermore, for this reason Miriam needed to kick the bucket first, before Aaron and Moses: the Shechinah should lead the way.

One more central trait of the Manly is that it communicates the Dynamic power inside the creation, and as such it is constantly engaged with doing, fixing, making, and acting. The Ladylike, then again, is the Uninvolved/Open power of creation. This nature of resignation has been given an exceptionally terrible name in our wildly useful society, where it has been burdened with negative and damaging implications of shortcoming and accommodation. Yet, assuming that the honestly, latency is the better. Activity is the seal of the domain of Issue and Time: the Manly ‘does’. Latency is the token of the domain of Soul and Time everlasting: the Ladylike ‘is’. It is this capacity to be latent, to ‘be’ without doing’, ‘that permits the Consecrated Female Vessel to get unadulterated, unending, mysterious Being, without restricting it or characterize it through any plan of her own, and afterward to carry it to birth as boundless overflow and love in the actual world.

In the Hebrew Scripture, the Sacrosanct Female is addressed by different characters, including Sarah, Rebecca, Rachel, Leah, and Miriam, who sustain and safeguard the patriarchs and Moses. In the New Confirmation, She is addressed by the Marys, who sustain and safeguard Jesus (who addresses the Sacrosanct Manly). In any case, the Ladylike power in the sacred texts isn’t some sweet delicate ‘goddess’, addressing every one of the ‘pleasant’ characteristics that are absent in men. She is the Shechinah, the ‘Presence’ of God in the Creation, the power that drifts over the Ark of the Agreement, the ‘Mother of All Living’ who pours forward every one of the structures and characteristics in the limitless universe. She is Life, from the early stage Disarray, to Eve, to ‘Rahab, the whore of Jericho’. She is the Excellence of Rachel and the Insight of Leah. She is Miriam’s prophetic power. She typifies the mystery of the Red Cow, for she is the secret of blood, sex, birth, and passing. She is the Ocean, the unlimited force of the Oblivious. She is the Mother and the Prostitute and the Spouse and the Destroyer.

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