Here’s our list of the best Quest 2 accessories for Autumn 2021

In the event that you have a Meta Mission 2 (previously Oculus Journey 2), you know that it’s an extraordinary piece of computer generated reality innovation. Did you had any idea that lots of extras are accessible to improve the Journey 2 even?

In this article we will list the 12 best extras for the Meta/Oculus Journey 2, assisting you with taking advantage of your augmented experience headset.

In this article you will see:

For simplicity of transport: single conveying case
For better cleanliness: face cover
For keeping your Mission 2 clean: Cleaning arrangements
For showing your Journey 2: Headset stand
For continuously having battery duration: Charging dock
For expanded solace: Tip top lash
For longer battery duration: Minimized power bank
For no glasses: Remedy focal points
For keeping you inside your Journey 2 region: Wellbeing mat
For never relinquishing your regulators: Journey 2 regulator grasp
For the best solid: Headphones
For more vivid gaming: Regulator additional items

For simplicity of transport: single conveying case

Can move the Journey but at the same time is fit to the Pico Neo 3 Connection/Neo 3 Ace and HTC Vive Center 3
A vigorous plan safeguarding the headset and stuff
More reasonable than Journey 2’s conveying case


Not waterproof

This EVA conveying case is for simple vehicle and movability. One of the primary elements of the Journey 2 is its movability as an independent computer generated experience headset. Implying that this case will cause your life a lot simpler when you to need to move the headset, while it likewise can go about as a slick stockpiling choice.

The main disadvantage is that the case isn’t waterproof, restricting Oculus Accessories its utilization in various weather patterns.

The aspects are 35.5 cm x 23.5 cm x 14.5 cm and can store the headset, regulators, charger, link and guides.
For better cleanliness: face cover

Reasonable and advantageous
Simple to utilize


One utilize as it were

Produced using clinical grade textures, engrossing perspiration and different materials like face salves. This 100-pack cleanliness veil is not difficult to apply and urgent at occasions where various individuals utilize similar headset for delayed augmented experience meetings.

On the other hand, you can obtain a calfskin face cover, for example, Orzero VR Focal point Safeguard Cover or the cover set from VRCover. In any case, these accompany the issue of persistently cleaning them after use.
For keeping your Journey 2 clean: Cleaning arrangements
Shower Two times per Day

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